Becoming a Licensed Docu Guard

Become a licensed Docu Guard by first obtaining your state notary license from your
local secretary of state

Log into the application by selecting “CREATE NEW ACCOUNT”


Enter all of your information and select “Notary” in the field named Select User Type.


Enter your address and contact phone number.


Enter all fields in Step 3 by:

  • Take a photo of yourself (Selfie).
  • Take a photo of a good sample of your signature.
  • Select the type of identification you used.
  • Enter the expiration date of your identification.


Use this procedure to enter your state notary license information for each license you posses. Complete the process for one state license at a time. If no Bond is applicable for your state license simply skip this step.

You will be provided with your Certified DocuGuard License Number. You will receive an email from DocuGuard confirming that we have received your application for licensing. If any further information is requires you will be notified by DocuGuard. Once your information is verified you will receive confirmation of your new account and you may begin using DocuGuard.

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