Certified DocuGuard Documents


CERTIFIED NOTARY FILE (CNF) Certified Notary Files protect the title company and the lender from fraud during the acknowledgment of a document outside of closing. When a party executes a document such as a deed or power of attorney before the closing DocuGuard records the signor's photo, identification; the notary's photo, identification and license; and the document both before and after acknowledgment. This information is put into a protected document called a Certified Notary File. The DocuGuard seal stamped on the document allows anyone to locate all of this information permanently stored on the DocuGuard website.

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IDENTITY FILE (IF) This file is created during a settlement by either the notary or the closing agent. The document contains all of the pertinent information about the signor and the other parties present as well as the location and date of the transaction. With a sample of a notarized document from the settlement the lender and title company can verify that the notary was licensed in the location of the settlement. Additionally, they can verify that the signers in the photos are the actual home owners. Years later any lender in possession of the loan can re-verify the information when needed by simply logging into www.DocuGuard.com to see the history of the settlement.

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CERTIFIED MORTGAGE RELEASE (CMR) Releases created with the DocuGuard system will contain the DocuGuard Seal. Abstractors and title companies will be able to verify the validity of the document by logging into the DocuGuard website putting an end to recording of fraudulent mortgage releases.

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