How DocuGuard works

How It Works

The use of either a smart phone, tablet, or computer is all it takes to create the final DocuGuard file.

Open a new file by creating a new account for yourself. As a Notary, closing agent or the party signing anyone can create a new file. Simply use the app or the website and begin.

Follow the instructions and begin by uploading all of the data that DocuGuard asks for. DG will take you step by step through the process of taking photographs and scans of the people, identifications and documents.

This is where the Licensed DocuGuard (LDG) stamps the document near the acknowledgment that he/she created with the DocuGuard Seal. The LNG then fills in the "File Number" field with the CNF file number.

A final document will be assembled by this new technology which records all of the data uploaded in addition to location records and date records of the event.

Why DOCU Guard

How can you trust a notary that you have never and will never meet? You need all of their information and verification that they are currently licensed as well as proof that they are not committing fraud. You also need to see the entire document as it was presented to the notary with proof of where and when it was signed and notarized.

Almost all documents filed in the county records require a notary stamp. Most counties don’t have a system in place through which they can verify the legitimacy of a notary, and since it’s relatively easy to obtain a notary stamp, this type of fraud is growing increasingly common.

When you have a client that needs a document notarized outside of your office use DocuGuard to protect your transaction. Let DocuGuard do your do diligence for you. It is so important to protect your transaction with DocuGuard. Why take the risk?

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